Wedding Checklist Flowers

Weddings are a busy affair – so many things are happening all at the same time. Because of all the things that are happening in unison it is best to prepare with a wedding checklists. Weddings could be super stressful for the unprepared. Wedding checklists are important to keep track of things in a wedding and to keep things in order and so as to not forget anything important when it comes to the crunch. A wedding flower checklist is important to keep track of the decoration component of your wedding.

When you start to make checklists, make sure you also have a wedding flowers checklist to ensure the themeing and decorations for your wedding run smoothly and without too much hassle. Of course, the most basic and important part of your wedding flowers is the floral bouquets. The usual set of bouquets that are ordered for weddings are the Bride’s bouquet, Bride’s toss away bouquet, Maid of Honor’s bouquet, the bridesmaid’s bouquets and finally the flower girl’s floral basket or bouquet. Write those down in your wedding flower checklist and we’re on a roll…

The next set of flowers to consider for your wedding flowers checklist is the floral accessories for the other members of the family. Corsages would be the next set of flowers to consider: the bride and groom’s mothers need one as well as attending grandparents from both bride and groom. The men also need floral decorations. It is part of the wedding tradition that the groom, the best man, ushers, ring bearer and the fathers of the bride and groom as well as attending grandfathers are entitled to wear a floral boutonniere. The colors and mixture of flowers you choose should be chosen with consideration of the wedding theme as well as synchronized with the colors of the women’s corsages.

To tie up the official end of the wedding floral plan, you may want to add this to your wedding flower checklist: You may also want all of your wedding party as well as your immediate family to have some flowers to attach to their suit or dress as a sign of ‘membership’.

Now, there are other points you may want to add to your wedding flower checklist. It doesn’t end with simply the floral arrangements that are carried or attached to members of the wedding party. There would be also flowers surrounding the wedding ceremony and around your reception area if you choose to do so. You may want to have flowers to decorate your rehearsal dinner. You may want ot keep it simple by having a floral centerpiece for the main table. If you aren’t on a tight budget, well you can go out and get as many centerpieces as you want. For the wedding reception you may want the following list of floral arrangements present in your wedding: The main table centerpiece, centerpiece for the gift table (if there is a gift table), a centerpiece for both the buffet table and bar. For the wedding ceremony you may want to consider floral arrangements at each pew or at the central area where you will be married.

You may want to delegate the responsibility of your wedding flowers checklist so you can depend on someone else while you concentrate and ponder about your own wedding. Good luck in your wedding planning and hope your wedding flowers go to plan according to your checklist.

Janey McKenzie is a staff writer for, a free wedding planning guide providing couples with hints and tips to enable them to plan every aspect of their wedding effectively.