The Various Wedding Cake Flowers

These wedding cake flowers are able to transform a dull looking cake into something admirable. Instead of settling on a plain cake for your wedding, consider using some flowers to add colour to it.

As with most other areas of the wedding, the budget will be a major factor when it comes to determining which flowers you should use to deck the cake. There are tons of flower options available to meet any and every budget imaginable.

Here are a few wedding cake flowers that you may want to consider for that special day of yours:

Real flowers

When you use real flowers it has the ability to add a unique touch. These particular flowers that you invest in should match the flowers that are used throughout the wedding, or they should at least coordinate with them.

Just getting a bunch of flowers and throwing them onto the cake is unlikely to create a good look, so it may be best for you to sit down with your florist in order to come up with something that looks good.

It’s possible for you to use real flowers as a topper, as decorations which can be placed on the side of the cake, and as decorations for the table that the cake is situated on.

Sugar flowers

These sugar flowers are more popularly used today for a number of reasons. To begin with, because they are made out of sugar, you won’t have to worry about them wilting during the summer season. This is at least one thing that you can cross off from your checklist, as it’ll be a nonissue come wedding day.

The second thing is that it’s much easier for you to save them as keepsakes compared to authentic flowers. A real flower will have to be preserved or dried out before you can keep it, but sugar flowers are able to hold up for a number of years.

The third reasons are because it’s possible for you to combine these sugar flowers with other decorative items on the cake, like seasonal items and seashells. When you combine flowers with other decorative items, it has that natural ability to add that finishing touch to the overall theme for your wedding.

There are a number of top companies out there that sell sugar flowers, and these companies will also ship the flowers out to you; research on the internet to find the most suitable vendor, one that is able to meet your wedding needs.