Simple Wedding Church Flowers

If you are having a church wedding, flowers will play an important part of the day regardless if it’s a cathedral or small country parish although it is worth checking with your vicar/priest on any rules or regulations that could hinder your plans.

Wedding church flowers can be costly especially considering that they will be used for such a short period of time – the length of the ceremony therefore when choosing your arrangements plan and think carefully.

If you are on a tight budget you might want to keep the whole arrangement simple therefore saving on time, money and efforts or you might just like the idea of keeping things simple for the pure fact that having a church wedding represents holiness and purity.

Remember the altar will be the main focal point therefore an arrangement placed there would be a good idea opt for large floral blooms like carnations and daisies placed in a vase this gives the added bonus of being able to move them around and used again at the wedding reception.

Simple posies on the backs of chairs have a stunning effect put can add to the budget drastically, if you have a tight budget you could decorating the pew ends with floral bows or garlands made of baby’s breath this will give a romantic feel yet still keeping things simple, further more rose petals scattered down the aisle… now that is breath taking but can be pricey.

When decorating the church avoid decorating any areas that wont be seen by your guest sitting at the back at the church and identifying where everyone will be seated will give you a good idea of where to place any arrangements and should keep cost down.