How You Can Save Money On Your Wedding Reception Flowers

Whether your wedding is a grand event or a simple intimate affair, having beautiful flowers for your wedding reception is possible on a budget. If you think about what you want and with some simple planning, you can save money and surprise your guests.

Where to buy your wedding reception flowers

Avoid expensive flower shops, these kinds of specialist shops charge a premium for displaying a wide variety of flowers, sometimes exotic or out of season. If you need to save money on your wedding flowers then buying from a wholesale market is a good idea. Places like Wall-Mart are also good for finding cheap flowers. If you are buying from a wholesale market then don’t be afraid to negotiate for a deal.

Do it yourself wedding flowers

Once you have bought your flowers, you can create bouquets for your wedding reception top table and centerpieces yourself by getting the things you need from a craft shop. If real flowers are too expensive then an alternative is to use artificial flowers, such as silk. They can look just like the real thing once you have arranged them. Be sure to color coordinate with your wedding them and colors of your wedding dress.

Planning is key for getting cheap flowers

You can limit how much you pay for your wedding flowers if you plan in advance. Avoid buying out of season flowers, these will be more expensive. If there is a particular flower you want to use for your wedding then try to make sure it is in season. Don’t order your flowers around peek flower buying times, for example Valentine’s day, or Christmas. Decide on what flowers you want and order them as soon as possible. There are wedding vendors who will offer discounts if you order your wedding flowers well before the date of your wedding.

Extra ideas for getting the most from your wedding reception flowers

After your wedding ceremony, reuse the flowers for your reception. Prepare the flower arrangements so they work with the ceremony and the reception, once the ceremony has finished you can have the flowers moved to the reception area before the guests arrive. Using many small flowers will cost you more money, stick to just a few big flower decorations for the reception room.

Whatever you decide, preparation is important. Consider the image you want to create and how much you have to spend. You don’t need to go over your budget to have beautiful flowers on your wedding day.