Choosing Your Wedding Ceremony Flowers

You have probably dreamed about your wedding from the time you were a little girl. You want everything to be perfect from the wedding dress, to the food, to the band and the photographer. Now you have to pick your flowers. You will need to choose ones for your bouquet, for church decorations and for reception centerpieces.

Then there are miscellaneous flower for your mother and future mother-in-law, aunts and grandmothers. They will all receive flowers from you, which you should personally present to them on your wedding day to make them even more special to them.

When you think about your flowers, it is natural to want to pick your favorites. If your favorite flower is a white rose, then that is what you should center them around. Your bouquet should be the first item you decide on, because that will set the tone for the bouquets for your attendants. Once all the bouquets are chosen and ordered then move on to the next group of flowers.

You need flowers for the church. Working with roses, you can have them arranged in very tall vases for each end of the altar. A few roses tied with a long ribbon can be used to mark the pews or rows. They do not have to be overdone, remember that less is more and you want to be the center of attention not the flora.

Once you get to the reception, more wedding flowers will be needed. Upon entering your reception you may want a wall of them suspended from the ceiling for a very dramatic effect. Or a simple arrangement on a table may be dramatic yet simple to accomplish.

Table centerpieces can be very tall, or very short, it all depends on the look you are going for. Tall vases must be tall enough not to interfere with conversation among guests at the table and allow them to easily see each other and hence get some conversations going at the tables.

Wedding flowers are expensive and you need to budget the costs into your overall wedding budget. Meet with several florists, give them an idea of what you are looking for and then let them present you with their ideas and costs. You should get more than one florist to provide this information so that you have choices.