Wedding Cake Flowers 3 Types For Your Wedding Day

Wedding cake flowers can turn a boring cake into something special. Instead of having a plain white cake, consider adding some color with beautiful flowers.

As with other aspects of your wedding, your budget will be a factor when deciding on which ones to use for your cake. There are flower options available for whatever your wedding budget happens to be.

Here are three types of wedding cake flowers to consider for your big day:

Real Flowers

Using real flowers adds a special touch. They should match the flowers and colors used for the rest of your wedding, or they should compliment them in some way.

Just throwing a few flowers on your cake probably won’t look very good, so you will want to work with your florist to come up with the right display and combination.

Real flowers can be used as your topper, as decorations on the sides of your cake and as decorations for the table where your cake will sit.

Sugar Flowers

Sugar flowers have become very popular for a few reasons. First, since they are made of sugar they won’t wilt in hot weather. This crosses one at least one thing off your list that you don’t have to worry about on your wedding day.

Second, they are easier to save as keepsakes than real flowers. Real flowers have to be dried or preserved in order to keep them, but sugar flowers will hold up for many years as they looked on your wedding day.

Third, sugar flowers can be combined with other decorative items on your cake, like seashells or seasonal items. Combining flowers with other items can help to finish off your overall wedding theme.

There are several really good companies that offer sugar flowers, and they will even ship them directly to you. Do a search online to find the right vendor for your wedding.

Silk Flowers

Silk flowers are a great alternative if you are looking to lower your budget while taking advantage of the beauty that flowers can bring to your cake. Silk flowers are even better than sugar as they definitely won’t wilt in hot weather, and they are a lot easier to preserve than real flowers.

There are different levels of silk flowers, so shop around and find ones that look real while staying within your budget. Even the highest quality silk flowers should come in lower than real flowers from a florist.

The Various Wedding Cake Flowers

These wedding cake flowers are able to transform a dull looking cake into something admirable. Instead of settling on a plain cake for your wedding, consider using some flowers to add colour to it.

As with most other areas of the wedding, the budget will be a major factor when it comes to determining which flowers you should use to deck the cake. There are tons of flower options available to meet any and every budget imaginable.

Here are a few wedding cake flowers that you may want to consider for that special day of yours:

Real flowers

When you use real flowers it has the ability to add a unique touch. These particular flowers that you invest in should match the flowers that are used throughout the wedding, or they should at least coordinate with them.

Just getting a bunch of flowers and throwing them onto the cake is unlikely to create a good look, so it may be best for you to sit down with your florist in order to come up with something that looks good.

It’s possible for you to use real flowers as a topper, as decorations which can be placed on the side of the cake, and as decorations for the table that the cake is situated on.

Sugar flowers

These sugar flowers are more popularly used today for a number of reasons. To begin with, because they are made out of sugar, you won’t have to worry about them wilting during the summer season. This is at least one thing that you can cross off from your checklist, as it’ll be a nonissue come wedding day.

The second thing is that it’s much easier for you to save them as keepsakes compared to authentic flowers. A real flower will have to be preserved or dried out before you can keep it, but sugar flowers are able to hold up for a number of years.

The third reasons are because it’s possible for you to combine these sugar flowers with other decorative items on the cake, like seasonal items and seashells. When you combine flowers with other decorative items, it has that natural ability to add that finishing touch to the overall theme for your wedding.

There are a number of top companies out there that sell sugar flowers, and these companies will also ship the flowers out to you; research on the internet to find the most suitable vendor, one that is able to meet your wedding needs.

Weddings and Flower Arrangements

Planning to make a wedding beautiful needs flowers. In fact, flower arrangements are essential part of a wedding ceremony that will be cherished all throughout the couple’s life. Eliminating the presence of flowers in a wedding is just like having pizza without the cheese. It is simply boring.

Most people would love a fancy wedding. You can simply achieve this through decorating the church and wedding reception with a grand flower arrangement.

Every wedding usually has a theme and it should always be that the arrangements of flowers should fit with the theme. It is also important to consider the location of the wedding; will it be a local or country setting? Others would love a garden wedding; some people like beach marriages.

The moment you know the location, you can plan the flower arrangement in advance. For example, Victorian style wedding would need you to use dried herbs. While for church marriages, you can use the tall structured flower arrangement.

Depending on the formality of the wedding, you should also choose the right flowers to use. A formal wedding would look perfect when using stargazers and lavish type of flowers like Gardenias.

A basket full of colorful floral bouquets would look nice on semi-formal type of marriages.

For an economy type of wedding, you can use silk bouquet arrangements. Of course, there should always be a set budget when preparing for a wedding. This is what every wedding planner has to take into account whether the couple is rich or at a tight budget.

This is the beauty of bouquet arrangements at a wedding. No one can tell whether the flowers used were freshly cut or not. A beautiful wedding would always matter if the bouquet used are colorful and blends well with the theme. Some bouquet arrangements even last long for others to use again.

Weddings and Flowers


If you have ever been in a wedding planning committee, then you know how important it is to have flowers in a wedding. You would equate a wedding without flowers to a wedding, which has no fancy dresses, no refreshments whatsoever, and not even a reception. Having no flowers or bad flowers is as tasteless as it can go.

If you want the mental pictures of your wedding to be worth remembering, you need to have decent flowers there. You need flowers to help build energy and breathe life into the whole ceremony. Otherwise, it becomes a discussion group.

The first thing to begin with when you are searching for the picture perfect flowers is by tying them to the theme chosen for the wedding. Know if your wedding will be an open-air wedding or if it will be indoors. Is it country or urban?

Each different setting will determine how you choose your flowers. They should not collide. Therefore, if it is a Victorian wedding, dry herbs will make a perfect spectacle. If then your setting is just an old church somewhere in the suburbs, gorgeous flowers and tall arrangements are more suitable.

Is the wedding also going to be a formal one or a rather free-spirited affair? If you prefer a scripted and formal wedding, then you should use whitish lavish flowers and stick to stargazers or gardenias.

A semi formal wedding will need baskets filled with cut flowers, wreaths and other flowering plants.

Your budget will also define the limits of your creativity. It is amongst the biggest factors that will affect what your flowers are like. If you are on a shoestring budget, you can use silk flower in your arrangement.

It is hard to tell that the flowers are not recently cut. They are able to provide the required beauty without having to strain your pockets. The silk flowers will last long and can also be used again in future events. They are what you need for your buck.