5 Tips to Selecting Perfect Wedding Church Flowers


The big day is coming quickly. Before you know it, the wedding will have taken place along with the reception and soon you’ll be on your way to creating a wonderful life together. A big part of creating lasting memories for years to come includes the proper selection of wedding flowers, not only for the wedding party members and certain key family members, but also for the church.

A wedding ceremony is a very important day for the two people making the commitment before others – it is beautiful and full of love – a time for happiness, sharing, and celebration. To help set the mood and compliment the entire ceremony, the church should be decorated appropriately with flowers. When the proper flower choices are selected, the entire ceremony will seem magical to those involved as well as to those who are observing.

It is also very important to remember that the flowers chosen for this very special day will be reflected in photographs that last a lifetime. The pictures will capture the moments of the day and provide excellent memory discussions later on in life.

Creative Ideas for Wedding Hair Flowers


Floral hair pieces are worn on top of the head with or without a veil, on the side with the hair pulled to one side, or in the back with the hair up or down. A halo of flowers makes a lovely piece for a flower girl.

There is no doubt that Pippa Middleton’s wedding hair flowers will be copied for many brides, brides maids, and flower girls.

The simple elegant cluster of lily-of-the-valley flowers added just the right amount of charm to her dark hair. They were not too large to distract or too small so they couldn’t be seen from a distance.

This design could easily be mounted on a barrette or hair comb and of course any type of flower could be used. Orchids, small roses, Peruvian lily, freesia, and gardenia make good floral hair pieces.

The floral design for a hair piece is made just like a corsage or boutonniere. The main flower can stand alone or have smaller flowers around it. One points to the left, one to the right, and one in the center for the corsage shape.

Weddings and Flowers


If you have ever been in a wedding planning committee, then you know how important it is to have flowers in a wedding. You would equate a wedding without flowers to a wedding, which has no fancy dresses, no refreshments whatsoever, and not even a reception. Having no flowers or bad flowers is as tasteless as it can go.

If you want the mental pictures of your wedding to be worth remembering, you need to have decent flowers there. You need flowers to help build energy and breathe life into the whole ceremony. Otherwise, it becomes a discussion group.

The first thing to begin with when you are searching for the picture perfect flowers is by tying them to the theme chosen for the wedding. Know if your wedding will be an open-air wedding or if it will be indoors. Is it country or urban?

Each different setting will determine how you choose your flowers. They should not collide. Therefore, if it is a Victorian wedding, dry herbs will make a perfect spectacle. If then your setting is just an old church somewhere in the

Simple Wedding Church Flowers

If you are having a church wedding, flowers will play an important part of the day regardless if it’s a cathedral or small country parish although it is worth checking with your vicar/priest on any rules or regulations that could hinder your plans.

Wedding church flowers can be costly especially considering that they will be used for such a short period of time – the length of the ceremony therefore when choosing your arrangements plan and think carefully.

If you are on a tight budget you might want to keep the whole arrangement simple therefore saving on time, money and efforts or you might just like the idea of keeping things simple for the pure fact that having a church wedding represents holiness and purity.

Remember the altar will be the main focal point therefore an arrangement placed there would be a good idea opt for large floral blooms like carnations and daisies placed in a vase this gives the added bonus of being able to move them around and used again at the wedding reception.

Simple posies on the backs of chairs have a stunning effect put can add to the budget drastically,

Your Wedding Ceremony 10 Ways For Herbs and Flowers to Give Meaning to Your Perfect Wedding

Flowers add to life. So certainly, they’re going to add to your wedding. They’re delightful visually, adding color and texture. They can give us a sense of time: Forsythia? Everyone knows it’s spring. Maroon chrysanthemums announce the fall boldly. Occasionally, if we’re lucky, they bring a fragrance that changes our moods. Did you know that fragrance helps things sit fast in our brains better than any other sense? So don’t overlook scent as a way to add a layer to your wedding. Flowers and herbs also have a language — there are ancient meanings for many flowers that you may want to invoke to strengthen your vows and enrich first your wedding ceremony and then your marriage.

Here’s some practical advice about how to use these beauties.

  1. Carry them in a bouquet, nosegay or a flower ball. The kind and quantity of flowers you’re using along with the style of your wedding will determine what shape the bride’s flowers will take.
  2. Wear them in a boutonniere or corsage. While people often have corsages and boutonnieres made in the wedding colors, other than the bridal party, there’s no real reason for that to be true. Since you don’t

Let Your Flowers Do the Talking With the Right Wedding Centerpiece Flowers

If you are looking for wedding centerpiece flower ideas, you’re in the right place. There are many choices from flowers in tall vases and low candles to potted plants and simply flower petals scattered across the table.

The centerpieces should also carry the ceremonial colors and theme. Many brides choose flowers that have a symbolic meaning or a special meaning in the language of flowers. Some like to incorporate herbs or sprigs of ivy that can be rooted and passed through to the next generation.

Flowers are usually given often during the relationship before the wedding and the bride to be will have a favorite flower and color. Maybe she will prefer to use a certain flower that was special to her mother or grandmother.

The language of flowers has been passed down from the Victorian era where even the mere scent of a flower relayed a message. Dictionaries were written for this purpose and a favorite pass time was to make up bouquets of different flowers wrapped in a doily and tied with a ribbon. These bouquets were called a tussy- mussy. The recipient had to “decode” the secret message by the meaning of

Bride s Guide to White Wedding Hair Flowers

Thanks to Kate’s Royal Wedding, hair flowers are quite the rage. White wedding hair flowers have always been popular for wedding hair pieces but it seems they are more popular than ever since we got a glimpse of Pippa’s beautiful hair piece of white lily-of-the-valley flowers.

There are many sizes and styles of wedding hair flowers to choose from. The hair style will dictate which one will look best. If the hair style is arranged completely up, hair pins with flowers attached is a good choice. Also a hair comb is an excellent base to attach flowers and will hold them securely.

With a hair style that is partially up as with Pippa’s style, barrettes, bendini combs, or clips would hold the hair and flowers securely.

Barrettes, pony tail bands, bun wraps, head bands, clips, and bendini combs by scunci are good bases for hair flowers. Simple florist wire bent into a circle is the perfect base to make a beautiful flower girl halo. Small flowers and leaves are taped or glued onto the wire. A ribbon is a beautiful addition to cover where the ends are joined together.

To attach flowers to a

The Rekindled Fascination With Wedding Hair Flowers

Thanks to Kate Middleton, one of the hottest accessories for wedding hair flowers is a hair piece made from fabric flowers or feathers. They are gorgeous and can be used in so many ways it’s no wonder everyone is including them in their ceremony.

Although Kate wore fresh flowers of lily of the valley, almost everyone who attended the Royal Wedding wore a hair piece, a hat, or a fascinator. Many were made with feathers and fabric flowers.

These small works of art are constructed on a hair comb, clip, or head band. They can be worn on top of the head, on either side, or toward the back. They can have a veil attached or it can be positioned under the piece with a separate comb.

A birdcage veil is a great choice to wear with these pieces. This type of veil is made from French or Russian netting or illusion netting which gives a softer look. The length of a birdcage veil can be just across the eyes, across the nose, or to the chin.

Another popular way to incorporate a veil is to have a small piece of the netting designed

Your Wedding Ceremony Decorate the Altar With Herbs and Flowers at Your Perfect Wedding

No matter where you’re being married, if there isn’t a table behind you for flowers, you may want to find one to put there. You may want candles, flowers or pictures to make the space more beautiful. Instead of a spray of flowers, carefully coordinated with the wedding attendant’s dresses, why not use the language of flowers and herbs to enrich your wedding ceremony?

Flowers have ancient meanings associated with them. In the past, lovers used to use flowers to hold conversations with one another when they didn’t have as much access as we have to our beloveds. Did you know that Bachelor Buttons mean Hope; Calla Lilies, Magnificent Beauty; and Daffodils, Regard and Constancy? Who knew a bouquet of springy yellow flowers could mean: You are the only one? Those are great Courtship flowers.

But the Orange Rose of Passion, the Red Rose of Love and Desire, the Violet of Devotion, Lavender of Loyalty and Marjoram of Joy? These are flowers to be included in the flowers gracing your Altar Table.

  • Find the flowers that have meaning for you and for your relationship and have a bouquet created for the altar table.
  • List the meanings

Do Your Homework on Wedding Centerpiece Flower Ideas Before Meeting With Your Vendor

There are so many amazing possibilities for wedding centerpiece flowers it’s hard to choose just a few. In fact, you may actually never see these wonderful ideas when meeting with wedding planners and vendors. Most often you will be directed to planning suggestions that are both convenient and profitable for the vendor. A little research on your part will help uncover some amazing choices that you don’t want to miss.

Once armed with some really good ideas then begin negotiating and planning with your vendors. Don’t be afraid to stick to your guns for what you really want. You will often hear the words “impossible” or “it can’t be done” which translated actually means, “We don’t have the time,” “we don’t know how,” or “there is very little profit in that.”

Most important in your selection is to stay true to the central colors and theme of your project. Here then are some wedding centerpiece flower ideas to spark your creativity. And rest assured we are not reinventing the wheel here. I have used or seen all of these ideas employed in weddings and in context they were all quite beautiful.

First decide if you

How to Choose Dazzling Wedding Beach Flowers

It doesn’t matter whether you are planning a beach theme for your indoor ceremony or you are having an actual beach wedding, beach flowers are a must. You have endless types of flowers to choose from, and they come in colors, shapes and sizes to suit everyone’s taste and budget. All you need to do is invest a little planning time and you can treat yourself and your wedding guests to a beautiful display of flowers without spending more than you can afford.

Try these strategies for creating a winning beach wedding floral design on a budget:

Types of Floral Arrangements

The first step is determining the number and type of floral arrangements you’d like for your wedding. You can have loads of flowers, no flowers at all or something in between. Traditional weddings usually feature these types of flowers and floral arrangements: A floral arch, the bride’s wedding bouquet, the flower girl’s basket of flowers, bridesmaids’ corsages, boutonnieres for the groom and groomsmen and flower arrangements for the reception tables. Corsages or boutonnieres for the couple’s close relatives are also common. Some brides use additional wedding beach flowers to create an aisle or path

Choosing Your Wedding Ceremony Flowers

You have probably dreamed about your wedding from the time you were a little girl. You want everything to be perfect from the wedding dress, to the food, to the band and the photographer. Now you have to pick your flowers. You will need to choose ones for your bouquet, for church decorations and for reception centerpieces.

Then there are miscellaneous flower for your mother and future mother-in-law, aunts and grandmothers. They will all receive flowers from you, which you should personally present to them on your wedding day to make them even more special to them.

When you think about your flowers, it is natural to want to pick your favorites. If your favorite flower is a white rose, then that is what you should center them around. Your bouquet should be the first item you decide on, because that will set the tone for the bouquets for your attendants. Once all the bouquets are chosen and ordered then move on to the next group of flowers.

You need flowers for the church. Working with roses, you can have them arranged in very tall vases for each end of the altar. A few roses

Wedding Checklist Flowers

Weddings are a busy affair – so many things are happening all at the same time. Because of all the things that are happening in unison it is best to prepare with a wedding checklists. Weddings could be super stressful for the unprepared. Wedding checklists are important to keep track of things in a wedding and to keep things in order and so as to not forget anything important when it comes to the crunch. A wedding flower checklist is important to keep track of the decoration component of your wedding.

When you start to make checklists, make sure you also have a wedding flowers checklist to ensure the themeing and decorations for your wedding run smoothly and without too much hassle. Of course, the most basic and important part of your wedding flowers is the floral bouquets. The usual set of bouquets that are ordered for weddings are the Bride’s bouquet, Bride’s toss away bouquet, Maid of Honor’s bouquet, the bridesmaid’s bouquets and finally the flower girl’s floral basket or bouquet. Write those down in your wedding flower checklist and we’re on a roll…

The next set of flowers to consider for your wedding flowers

Wedding Reception Flower Arrangements

Wedding reception flower arrangements are creative extensions of your theme and color palette. While the flower arrangements can provide a focal point for your reception or be a simple statement, they are a great opportunity to be creative and original. Gathering some ideas about the style, types of flowers and design can be helpful to consider prior to heading to your floral designer.

What Flower Arrangements

During the planning stages of your floral design, there are several additional arrangements that should be considered. Along with your floral designer, you should consider creating a floral arrangement for the cake table, head table, guest sign in table, seating arrangement card table and potentially the gift table as well as table centerpieces. The design of the reception location may also warrant additional arrangements, such as the entry to the reception area, around the dance floor or along a buffet table.

Flower arrangements originally created for the wedding service can potentially be re-used for the reception. However, you will want to verify ahead of time the expectations of your wedding service locations. Many churches anticipate that the flowers will remain for weekend services so be sure to check ahead

Using Wedding Cake Flowers to Add Beauty to the Presentation

Flowers are an integral part of every wedding, right down to the cake itself. Wedding cake flowers can add an extra touch of beauty and grace to the end result. There are many common ways for them to complement the design and flow of your presentation. For starters, having them on the table around the cake really spices up the overall look and feel. Placing a small corsage on the top of it is one popular option, as is spreading some flower petals on top of the cake. Flashier arrangements might spread from the bottom of the cake to its top.

In the past, artificial flowers were the most common choice. Whether sugar flowers meant to be eaten or silk flowers just for decoration, fake flowers were the ones often used. This is because while beautiful, many of them can also be toxic. Fortunately, most florists are keenly aware of which types might present a danger to the guests. Thus, it’s possible to use fresh, real flowers to garnish a wedding cake. Many florists can even provide options where you can actually eat the flowers that will be a perfect match for your cake.

Using edible

Wedding Cake Flowers Tips

When you are wedding planning, there are so many things to consider. One of these special considerations is that of the wedding cake. The wedding cake is an essential aspect for any wedding. It is one of those things that brides and wedding planners worry about almost as much as obtaining the perfect wedding gown.

In fact, there are an limitless number of cake designs. No matter the personality or sense of style of a bride, there is a wedding cake out there that can satisfy her wants and desires for the type of wedding cake she has always dreamed of for her special day.

One of the most delightfully inspiring types of cakes are those that include wedding cake flowers. When you decide that you want flowers on your wedding cake, there are various things from which you can choose for decorating your wedding cake. For instance, when you choose to include flowers for a wedding cake you can select any color that you can imagine to match your wedding colors and wedding theme.

There are various types of flowers from which you can choose and they come in an assortment of colors. Some

How You Can Save Money On Your Wedding Reception Flowers

Whether your wedding is a grand event or a simple intimate affair, having beautiful flowers for your wedding reception is possible on a budget. If you think about what you want and with some simple planning, you can save money and surprise your guests.

Where to buy your wedding reception flowers

Avoid expensive flower shops, these kinds of specialist shops charge a premium for displaying a wide variety of flowers, sometimes exotic or out of season. If you need to save money on your wedding flowers then buying from a wholesale market is a good idea. Places like Wall-Mart are also good for finding cheap flowers. If you are buying from a wholesale market then don’t be afraid to negotiate for a deal.

Do it yourself wedding flowers

Once you have bought your flowers, you can create bouquets for your wedding reception top table and centerpieces yourself by getting the things you need from a craft shop. If real flowers are too expensive then an alternative is to use artificial flowers, such as silk. They can look just like the real thing once you have arranged them. Be sure to color coordinate with your

Wedding Cake Flowers 3 Types For Your Wedding Day

Wedding cake flowers can turn a boring cake into something special. Instead of having a plain white cake, consider adding some color with beautiful flowers.

As with other aspects of your wedding, your budget will be a factor when deciding on which ones to use for your cake. There are flower options available for whatever your wedding budget happens to be.

Here are three types of wedding cake flowers to consider for your big day:

Real Flowers

Using real flowers adds a special touch. They should match the flowers and colors used for the rest of your wedding, or they should compliment them in some way.

Just throwing a few flowers on your cake probably won’t look very good, so you will want to work with your florist to come up with the right display and combination.

Real flowers can be used as your topper, as decorations on the sides of your cake and as decorations for the table where your cake will sit.

Sugar Flowers

Sugar flowers have become very popular for a few reasons. First, since they are made of sugar they won’t wilt in hot weather. This

The Various Wedding Cake Flowers

These wedding cake flowers are able to transform a dull looking cake into something admirable. Instead of settling on a plain cake for your wedding, consider using some flowers to add colour to it.

As with most other areas of the wedding, the budget will be a major factor when it comes to determining which flowers you should use to deck the cake. There are tons of flower options available to meet any and every budget imaginable.

Here are a few wedding cake flowers that you may want to consider for that special day of yours:

Real flowers

When you use real flowers it has the ability to add a unique touch. These particular flowers that you invest in should match the flowers that are used throughout the wedding, or they should at least coordinate with them.

Just getting a bunch of flowers and throwing them onto the cake is unlikely to create a good look, so it may be best for you to sit down with your florist in order to come up with something that looks good.

It’s possible for you to use real flowers as a topper, as decorations

Weddings and Flower Arrangements

Planning to make a wedding beautiful needs flowers. In fact, flower arrangements are essential part of a wedding ceremony that will be cherished all throughout the couple’s life. Eliminating the presence of flowers in a wedding is just like having pizza without the cheese. It is simply boring.

Most people would love a fancy wedding. You can simply achieve this through decorating the church and wedding reception with a grand flower arrangement.

Every wedding usually has a theme and it should always be that the arrangements of flowers should fit with the theme. It is also important to consider the location of the wedding; will it be a local or country setting? Others would love a garden wedding; some people like beach marriages.

The moment you know the location, you can plan the flower arrangement in advance. For example, Victorian style wedding would need you to use dried herbs. While for church marriages, you can use the tall structured flower arrangement.

Depending on the formality of the wedding, you should also choose the right flowers to use. A formal wedding would look perfect when using stargazers and lavish type of flowers like Gardenias.